About us

Just like you, Vivo Transfer is constantly in search of ways to value your earnings.

Vivo Transfer is a company established in the United Kingdom in 2010, and is part of the Cambio Real Inc. group, established in the United States in 2004.

Currently we have operations in the United States (CambioReal US), UK (VivoTransfer) and Brazil (CambioReal BR).

For many years we've been working with international payments following the regulations of the countries where we operate. We have earned the trust of the international community by offering security, best exchange rates, speed and an online platform where you can control your remittances yourself.

With Vivo Transfer, all your dreams are possible! So, if you want to send money to Brazil or from Brazil to the USA, UK and Europe, safely, quickly and with the best service, count on us.

For remittances from United States to Brazil: www.cambioreal.com 

For remittances from UK to Brazil: www.vivotransfer.com 

For remittances from Brazil to USA, UK and Europe: www.cambioreal.com/br 

Value your achievements, choose Vivo Transfer! 

For remittances from United States to Brazil
For remittances from UK to Brazil
For remittances from Brazil to USA, UK and Europe

Vivo Transfer brings many benefits for you!


Vivo Transfer is a company licensed by the FCA and HMRC for international money remittances.


It is easy to send money to Brazil. Online or by phone.


Vivo Transfer offers the best exchange rate on the market.


Vivo Transfer stretches your money with the lowest transfer fees. Check it out and compare!


In most of the cases, your money arrives to Brazil in 1 to 3 business days.


Our support team is multilingual and is always willing to help you.

Vivo Transfer makes
your money
worth more!

Vivo Transfer does not let its rich money get lost in abusive fees and conversions.

Vivo Transfer makes <br>your money <br>worth more!