Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question is not listed, our support team will be happy to assist you.

Telefone: +44 20 3318 0355

Service Monday to Friday 10am to 10pm.

Vivo Transfer Ltd. • 9 Percy Street • 3rd Floor
Suite 9 • Londres • UKW1T 1DL

Visit our website's home page (, click on the REGISTER link, follow the instructions and complete all data requested on the online form. Alternatively, you can call 020 3318 0355 Monday to Friday, between 10h and 22h and register via telephone with one of our attendants. You will need to provide your personal details such as name, address, contact phone number and a valid personal email.

To complete your registration and certify your account for online remittances, please send us one proof of ID and one proof of Address as specified below.



  • Valid Passport, including the pages of the document number, photo and signature of the holder.

PROOF OF ADDRESS (on your name and issued within the last 3 months*):

  • Utility bill: water, electricity, gas, internet or landline phone (mobile phone bills or mobile internet can't be accepted)
  • Bank or credit card statements (page in full only, without any omitted, cut or scribbled details)
  • Council tax
  • TV license
  • Letter from your bank : The letter must confirm your relationship with the bank ie. account number and sort code. Circulars, promotional or marketing letters cannot be accepted .
  • Letter from HM Revenue & Customs
  • UK Driving Licence (Full or Provisional). Please note that the Counterpart Driving Licence will not be accepted as proof of address.
* Please note that your proof of address must clearly show the issue date on the document and it must be a recent document issued within the last 3 months.

Please send your documents to:

By email

By post

Vivo Transfer Ltd 
8 Percy Street
London - UK


If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate in contacting us by email (, or telephone at 020 3318 0355, Monday to Friday, from 10h to 22h. 

By registering on our website, all accounts have the PENDING status. 
Once your registration is complete, one of our operators will contact you to confirm your details and approve your account.
After the arrival of the requested documents, your account will CERTIFIED status and you can start making your remittances Online. 
To avoid delays and setbacks, we suggest that you keep your account up to date from the moment you register. Please, send all required documents as soon as possible, properly certified. 

In order to heed the requirements of the regulatory bodies of the country, from time to time in Vivo Transfer will contact the customer to request renewal of documents that are overdue or need to be updated. In such cases, the status of your account will vary.
You can not have more than one personal account with us. However, if you have a business in the UK and want to make payments in Brazil through your company, we can register it separately. For more information, please contact us.
In order to be in compliance with current legislation in the UK, you will be asked to send proof of income or source of a value exceeding £ 12,000.00 (TWELVE THOUSAND POUNDS) per financial year (April to March). In the case of couples, it is common to ask proof of income of the couple, because in most cases the income is sent together. At other times, if the frequency of customer remittances is high we might ask you for additional proof of income documentation. For that, our finance team will contact you. After verification of the documents, the limit for annual remittance may be revised according to your earnings.

- Annuity / monthly fee: £ 0.00

- Remittance Fee: £ 2.00

- Request to send registry information on file: £ 25.00

- Order cancellation: £ 25.00

Please note that the £2.00 remittance fee will be deducted from the total amount you pay for your order, and there will be no other deposit fee on receipt of funds in the destination country applied by Vivo Transfer.

For requests to send the registry information we have on your file, there is an administrative fee of £25.00.

Cancellation request: either at customer's request or if the cancellation was made by our credit control department (where the customer did not comply with the company guidelines and the legislation for remittances abroad), a fee of £ 25.00 will be deducted from the original amount in order to cover the bank charges to process the return payment. 

You can place your request through our website (, by e-mail ( or by telephone (020 3318 0355). If you are not yet a registered customer, you can register by clicking here.

If you are already a registered customer, always remember to make an submission request BEFORE you transfer any amount to our account (*). It is important to inform that, remittances with Vivo Transfer should always be pre-authorized and released for payment only if the documentation of your records are up to date.

At the moment we place your remittance, Vivo Transfer system will add a few pences to the value you'll pay (ie. £100.23), in order to give you an unique value for your order in our system. The total amount will be added in the final value we will pay. The added value will work only as an identifier of the deposit for your safety (**).

(**) Please note that VivoTransfer must receive the funds from you according the remittance instructions. In case these instructions are not followed, Vivo Transfer reserves the right to take no liability for any loss you may suffer in result of: 

  • Refund fees charged by banks
  • Delays in the delivery of funds  
  • Total or partial loss of funds or to track for loss operations transferred to wrong bank details
  • Loss of funds sent to bank accounts that have been closed (ie. old bank details). 

You have three options to make your remittance, and you don't need to leave your home for that! 

: Sign in to your account on and choose the option 'PAY WITH DEBIT CARD'. Following our website instructions, choose the person you wish to send and complete the remittance inserting correctly your debit card details. You'll receive a confirmation of 'Successful Payment', if you don't receive this confirmation please contact us on 02033180355.   

WARNING: our system do not accept credit card payments or third-party payments. Only payments from your personal debit card will be processed through your registration. 

BANK TRANSFER: Place your transaction request on Following our website instructions, log on to your online banking and transfer the exact amount from your bank account using the option "make payment". Alternatively, you can do this operation in one of your bank branches. 

WARNING: we do not accept transfers of third-parties or from company accounts. Only transfers made through your personal account will be processed through your registration. 

CASH: Go to our office in central London, and make a payment directly to our staff. Click here to see the address. 

Note: We do not accept cheques as payment or cash deposit into our bank account.

Bank transfers must be cleared before being credited to your Vivo Transfer's account. In most cases, the credit is cleared in our account within one (1) business day. This means, for example, if you make a transfer on a Monday after 16hs, this transfer will appear in our account on the following Wednesday, being Tuesday counted as 1 (one) business day.

Transfers made different from instructions on our website will be subjected to a period of compensation of 10 working days. Please be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions exactly when generating your remittance on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us.

For remittances placed via the Express method, the delivery time is 2-3 hours after confirmation of your payment. Remittances placed after 17:00h (UK), during weekends, or in national or local bank holidays, they are received on the next business day, at the earliest available banking time.

In the Standard method, the delivery time is between 1 to 3 business days after validating your payment (15:00h - UK). On some occasions, for administrative reasons, payments may be received in instalments in more than one transaction, within the period of 3 working days. 
The minimum amount for remittances is  £ 20.00.    
Your registration with Vivo Transfer is for personal use only and may not be operated by people other than you. According to the current legislation in the UK, all individuals who send money overseas should be properly registered and identified. 

Avoid unnecessary delays while sending money upon a friend's request. Registration is quick and yet offer a referral bonus; everyone wins.
Unfortunately we can not receive amounts from third parties, companies or institutions directly into our account to be sent to your account. Only transfers from your account can be processed on your behalf. Please contact us to learn how we can help in this case.    
Important: It is not possible to issue refunds to third party accounts. Also, we cannot refund amounts from transactions that have already been confirmed in the UK and are in payment process in Brazil. 

Return fees​​:  £ 50.00 pounds. The return of amounts paid to Vivo Transfer is effected within 30 days after the refund request. The customer must make the request by email or by letter, stating full name and full information of the account in UK. For security reasons, if the account holder is not a registered customer, he or she must provide proof of identity (photo ID) along with your return request. We may also request a recent proof of address in the name of the account holder if the value exceeds £ 2,000.00. In the absence of such information, the refund may not be performed.

There is no maximum value for each remittance.  If the client certifies the origin of value being sent, he or she is able to send as much as wanted. Just note that if your remittances in a 30-day period exceed the sum of £ 2,000.00 in cash species (or mixing money and transfer) or £ 5,000.00 by wire transfer, an additional proof of origin of the money sent will be requested at that time. So, once again, we remind our customers that DO NOT SEND TO FRIENDS OR RELATIVES RESIDING IN THE UK because they need to have their own record for purposes of proving individual income in the future. If the customer does not follow these instructions, it may have their account closed indefinitely.
Banks such as Itaú, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil have systems which checking and savings accounts are linked (both accounts have the same number). These banks sometimes may, at their discretion, credit the checking account when a payment on savings account  was requested or vice versa. For this reason, we ask all account holders in these banks to check both accounts when they send a remittance.

If you still cannot find the credit in any of the accounts, please send an email to: or call 020 3318 0355, so we can verify your case.

Please note that, in order to track missing payments, the maximum period we can verify is up to 6 months (six months) after the payment date of the deposit or transfer. The same  6 months (six months) period applies to UK bank transfers that were not identified or claimed within that period.

Vivo Transfer is a company established in the United Kingdom in 2008, and is part of the Cambio Real Inc. group, established in the United States in 2004. Currently we have operations in the United States (CambioReal US), UK (VivoTransfer) and Brazil (CambioReal BR).

We are a London-based company, duly registered with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to offer money remittance services. See our licenses by clicking here.

In the United States we are a company registered with the FinCEN (Department of Treasury), where we also offer the service of money remittance.

The government agencies and regulators that oversee Vivo Transfer are the same ones that regulate the banks in UK, therefore all operations carried out by Vivo Transfer have the same security as the ones carried out by a UK bank.

All transactions are conducted on our secure server, which uses SHA256 technology, the same used by all banks on the internet. 

The information shared with Vivo Transfer is confidential and protected by the Data Protection Act 1998. As we are a company registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (UK), we have a duty to protect your personal information under penalty of the law in case of disclosure from our part.

To register with Vivo Transfer is quick and totally free! Our customers can send money from anywhere (through their personal account in the UK), to anyone in Brazil who has a current or savings account.

Certainly, the biggest advantages in using Vivo Transfer are: the convenience of being able to carry out transactions from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a safe and simple way, the guarantee of the best exchange rate and the agility in delivering the funds to your chosen destination.

If you are dissatisfied  with any of the services we provide,please, inquire about your complaint verbally or in writing. Where the initial complaint is verbal, it should be followed by a written complaint. This complaint can be made by letter addressed to the Head of Compliance at our address in London, or alternatively by e-mail: 

We will do our best to repair the error, however, if our response is still unsatisfactory, you retain the right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service located in South Quay, 183 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SR.